Doula births

Illustration: A woman with dark hair and light skin sits on an exercise ball while in labor, and is surrounded by her Black, male partner, and a doula, a Black woman, who are offering her support. In the background there are also 2 hospital staff members providing support. Everyone is wearing a mask.


Doulas are welcome at The Mother Baby Centers, but please note that families must arrange their own personal doula. Expenses related to a doula would be established by your insurance provider. We encourage you to check with both your doula and your insurance provider to understand costs and ensure coverage.

What is a doula?

A doula is specially trained to guide you through labor with relaxation and breathing exercises, massage, words of encouragement and other comforting measures. A doula can also work with your spouse or support person to encourage involvement and to create a warm and positive experience. A doula does not replace your health care provider, nurses or other medical staff.