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Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy and childbirth raise lots of questions, especially for new moms! Your body and your life are changing to accommodate a new little person, and that can be stressful when you don’t have all of the answers. We’ve collected years of questions from real moms like you to create our FAQ.

Keep in mind that The Mother Baby Center does not provide prenatal care. The Mother Baby Center is where you will deliver your baby. If you have questions about your pregnancy and health care during this time, please talk directly with your pregnancy care provider and clinic. 

If you’re looking for location-specific information (parking, amenities, visiting hours), please visit our location pages: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Coon Rapids.

I need to find a doctor or midwife. Is there a list of providers to choose from?
To find a provider who delivers at The Mother Baby Center of your choice, please visit the following web page. All our providers are listed, including midwives. If you are interested in more than one location, be sure to check that the provider can deliver at either location.

Once we choose a provider, does that mean that is the only provider we will work with at The Mother Baby Center?
When you choose a provider, you are usually selecting the group practice rather than a single physician for your prenatal care. We recommend asking how the practice will provide support to you during pregnancy and labor to see if it’s a good fit.

If a provider is “affiliated” with The Mother Baby Center, but is not listed at one of their locations, what does this mean?
When choosing a provider, you should confirm the specific provider also has delivery privileges at the center you are interested in. If you are interested in more than one location, be sure to check that your provider can deliver at either location.

I don’t have health insurance. What should I do?
Please consult with your care provider to discuss related insurance issues. There are a variety of payment options available.

How do I find out if The Mother Baby Center is covered by my health insurance?
Since Allina Health manages the labor and delivery part of The Mother Baby Center, you would be a patient of Abbott Northwestern Hospital, or United Hospital, or Mercy Hospital, which are Allina Health hospitals. You can find the major health plans and products that Allina Health accepts online at this web page. Please note that plans and products listed online are subject to change and may not be reflected until the next update. We strongly recommend confirming any health insurance coverage information directly with your health plan/insurer for complete accuracy. See other billing and paperwork related questions.

Does the Mother Baby Center offer prenatal care?
Unfortunately, The Mother Baby Center does not offer prenatal care; it is where you will deliver your baby. Pregnancy and prenatal care are offered in our Allina Health clinics by either an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN), a family medicine doctor or a certified nurse-midwife. To find an Allina Health obstetrics provider who delivers at The Mother Baby Center, please visit this web page.

What should I do if my doctor doesn’t deliver at The Mother Baby Center?
If neither your doctor nor one of his or her partners is able to deliver your baby at The Mother Baby Center, then the on-call obstetrician from The Mother Baby Center will deliver your baby. We recommend that you check with your doctor to ensure that your medical records have been forwarded to us so that our staff has the necessary information for your baby’s delivery.

If you are interested in transferring to a provider who delivers at The Mother Baby Center, please visit the Find a Provider page. Once a provider/clinic is chosen, they will be able to help guide you in getting your medical records transferred to us.

We are currently working with a different facility. Is there a process for transferring versus just registering with The Mother Baby Center?
Since transferring processes vary from clinic to clinic, please speak with your current facility and follow the recommended registration process.

Do you have counseling services for people who may experience a high-risk pregnancy?
Minnesota Perinatal Physicians, part of Allina Health, offers expert and personalized high-risk obstetrical care in the Upper Midwest. Patients must be referred by their primary care provider. To make a referral or schedule an appointment at any clinic location, call our centralized scheduling department at 612-863-4502. You can learn more about caring for high-risk pregnancies at our Minnesota Perinatal Physicians web page.

I’m from a different city, but I’m visiting Minneapolis close to my due date. Can I deliver at The Mother Baby Center if I go into labor early?
If you go into labor in the Twin Cities and decide to deliver at one of The Mother Baby Centers we would be proud to provide you with care. Keep in mind, you should check with your insurance provider to ensure we are within network, though we certainly won’t turn away any laboring patient, no matter the individual’s insurance coverage.

Do you have any information on breast pumps?
Please visit this web page to learn about breastfeeding, including hand-expressing milk and using a breast pump. Breast pump and breast feeding supplies are available through Allina Health Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment. For brands and other questions, please call:

I want an itemized bill, but I haven’t received one. What can I do to get one?
Please call Allina Health billing services at 612-262-9000 or 1-800-859-5077. You can also email us at [email protected].

Who should I contact about an error on my child’s birth certificate?
We sincerely apologize if there’s an error on your child’s birth certificate. To discuss your situation, please directly contact the center where you delivered your baby.

What happens if I don’t get my child’s Social Security card, or there’s an error on it?
We sincerely apologize if there’s an issue with your child’s Social Security card. Unfortunately, due to privacy issues, the hospital cannot resubmit it to the Social Security number (SSN) office. If you did not receive a card, you may need to bring your child’s birth certificate to the SSN office and obtain a card. If there’s an error on the card, please contact the SSN office.

If you need any medical records for the SSN card, please contact Allina Health Medical Records department directly at 612-262-2300 to request a copy of your records, or with any other release of information questions. Online information can be found here.

I want to donate hats to the newborns! Where can I do that?
We appreciate your generous offer; however, we already provide hats for all babies born at The Mother Baby Center.


Taking a few minutes to pre-register for your upcoming stay at The Mother Baby Center will help decrease the stress of rushing to the hospital while in labor.



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