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Obstetric Hospitalist Care

Obstetric hospitalists are board-certified OB/GYN physicians who provide an extra level of care support to new moms and babies staying at The Mother Baby Center on an as-needed basis. Obstetric hospitalists can quickly respond to any situation that may arise, and should be considered a partner to your primary care doctor or midwife.

 Obstetric hospitalists also work closely with Allina Health’s Minnesota Perinatal Physicians for women who have high-risk pregnancy care needs.

When might I be seen by an obstetric hospitalist?

Your personal physician has primary responsibility for your care and is dedicated to you while you’re at The Mother Baby Center. Your regular doctor or midwife will direct your care, answer your questions, and coordinate the discharge plans for you and your family. However, if the unexpected happens, the obstetric hospitalist service has specially trained OB/GYNs whose primary focus is on the care of a hospitalized patient.

All obstetric hospitalist care is recorded in your electronic health record system, ensuring that your physician has a complete record of all hospital services.  

Does the obstetric hospitalist service add to my bill? Will it be covered by insurance?

The obstetric hospitalist service bills your insurance in accordance with the services provided. With each inpatient hospital stay, there are several bills generated, including those from the hospital, your physician, the hospitalist (if needed), and from any other specialty physicians who performed consultations or services. Our obstetric hospitalist doctors participate in almost all insurance plans. If you are concerned about insurance, please contact your health plan.



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