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Birthing The Mother Baby Center: Maternal amenities

What would the ideal place to have a baby look like? What innovative services would it provide? Specialists in maternal-fetal medicine have asked this question for years, and the past decade has seen the emergence of several specialized birthing hospitals throughout the country, most recently in Minnesota.

As well as providing the foremost clinical care in the region, The Mother Baby Center offers a calming and spacious environment for mothers throughout all stages of their birthing processes.

“The overall goal was to create a center where the mother will receive the very best care, while maintaining the appearance of a luxury hotel and spa,” explained Michael Rodriguez, the lead project designer for the Center. “Every detail was thought out.”

In addition to comfort and quality, the Center reflects the commitments of Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to innovation in maternal and fetal medicine. By centralizing the birth experience in one building, the Center’s comprehensive approach improves outcomes for mothers by tackling the following trends:

  • Premature births are on the rise (Since 1990, the Minnesota preterm birth rate has increased 26 percent, according to the Minnesota Department of Health)
  • Mothers are having babies at a later age (One in five women in the United States now has her first child after age 35, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which increases the likelihood of complications
  • Chronic health problems among mothers are increasing

With extensive antenatal facilities and cutting-edge operating rooms, the Center is equipped to deal with complications at any point throughout the process.

“We have the ability to care for the lowest risk mom who wants a water birth to the highest risk mom who requires cardiac monitoring,” explained Michelle Smith, RN, director of the birth center.

The Mother Baby Center: Water birth room from Children’s of Minnesota on Vimeo.

Once the baby is born and any maternal or newborn complications are addressed, the mother is transferred to one of many postpartum rooms, where she will soon be reunited with her baby for the rest of their recovery.

“Our philosophy is really to have the baby in the room with you,” said Smith. “Nursing goes better, and all the literature really supports rooming in.”

Both mother and baby will appreciate their bonding time in the comfortable post-partum rooms, each featuring televisions, unique artwork and other soothing architectural features. For the inevitable visits from family and friends, the private rooms ensure ample opportunity for introductions. For larger gatherings, the third floor Celebration Plaza offers a split-level reception area geared toward families.

“Patients can reserve the space for birthdays and baby showers,” explained Dr. Ellen Bendel-Stenzel, co-director of clinical research at the Children’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). “Being able to participate in these ‘normal’ events is vital to a mother’s mental health.”

Mothers who give birth at the Center can expect the most comprehensive care in a welcoming environment designed to ensure that their entire childbirth process is as safe, relaxing and enjoyable as possible.