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Billing & Paperwork

If you are covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota or Blue Plus (Blue Cross) and your baby requires specialized care at Children's Minnesota, those services may be out of network, starting July 5, 2017. Learn how this affects you.

How can I get a birth certificate for my child?

Before you leave the hospital, you will fill out the paperwork to get a birth certificate. It is not optional to file a birth certificate with the county.

How do we get a Social Security number?

When you fill out the information for a birth certificate for your child, you can select to have the baby's Social Security card sent to your home.

What is the estimated cost of a normal delivery?

It is hard to estimate the costs associated with delivering a baby since every women's experience is unique. Even when it is a "normal" delivery, the associated costs can vary widely from person to person. In addition, independent physicians and other specialty providers – like anesthesiologists—bill separately for their services. We encourage you to contact Allina Health's Cost Estimate Line at 612-262-4930. They will provide a good faith estimate of the costs involved. The amount you would pay for a normal delivery also depends on whether you have health insurance, and who your insurance carrier is.

My insurance company can't find The Mother Baby Center. Is it covered?

The Mother Baby Center is a partnership between Allina Health and Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. The birth portion of your experience would be provided by Abbott Northwestern Hospital or Mercy Hospital or United Hospital, which are Allina Health hospitals. Your insurance company should find the information they need under Allina Health.

How long would it take for an itemized bill to be produced?

Typically, it takes five to seven business days after discharge for you to receive an itemized bill.