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Pregnancy Stages

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The nine months of pregnancy include three time periods called trimesters.

First trimester: 0 to 3 months

While you may not yet look pregnant, your body is growing a placenta, adding breast tissue, producing amniotic fluid, increasing blood volume – all to create and nurture your baby. Many women experience physical symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, morning sickness, breast tenderness, frequent urination and lightheadedness. The Mother Baby Center recommends that you see a health care provider for pre-natal screenings and regular checkups to monitor your pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Learn more about the first trimester, including a to-do list and a week-by-week guide to your baby's development.

Second trimester: 4 to 6 months

By your fourth month, you will likely feel less nauseated and your energy levels will return. It is during this time that your pregnancy will likely become more visible to others and you may find that your regular clothes begin to feel uncomfortable.During the second trimester it's not uncommon to have heartburn, indigestion and constipation. Other discomforts may include varicose veins, hemorrhoids, breathlessness and leg cramps.

Learn more about the second trimester, including a to-do list and a week-by-week summary of baby's development.

Third trimester: 7 to 9 months

The last three months of pregnancy may bring some discomfort as your baby continues to grow and develop, stretching and moving more to find room in your increasingly cramped uterus. When you begin your third trimester, you will likely see your health care provider every other week until 36 weeks, when you will likely be seen on a weekly basis.

Learn more about the third trimester, including a to-do list and a week-by-week summary of baby's development.

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