The Center

The Center

The Mother Baby Center. A great place to have a baby. A great place to be a baby.

We have the best of the best specialists, equipment and services, delivered by the most trusted names in fetal, maternal, newborn and pediatric care: Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

It's the Mother of All Places To Have A Baby
  • Mom, you’re in charge. From the holistic to where’s my epidural!! We cater to any birth plan.
  • Dads, siblings, second aunt once-removed: All are welcome. A sibling play area, family spaces and in-room beds/chairs for tired partners.
  • Food that doesn’t taste like hospital food. Rooms that rival home. Wi-Fi. Big showers. Nice nurses. We’re out to knock your no-slip socks off.
It's the Mother of All Places To Be A Baby
  • Baby, we got you covered. Pediatric specialists 24/7. A Level III NICU with some of the best outcomes in the country. Surprises won’t surprise us.
  • You and mom, attached at the hip. Rooms designed beautifully for the both of you.
  • Birthing classes, nursing classes, baby CPR classes, car seat installation classes. Get ready for your mom to be an even bigger know-it-all.