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Parenting tools & classes

The birth of your baby is the perfect time to reassess your health, your daily living habits and lifestyle. Are you ready to take the steps necessary to ensure that you nurture your baby from infancy to adulthood in a safe, secure and healthy home? Here are some ways to start:

Childbirth preparation class

As you get ready for labor and delivery, we urge you and your partner to attend childbirth preparation classes. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can enhance the progress of labor and reduce your pain and fears. Search and sign up for childbirth classes.

Other classes 

A new mom or a seasoned mom? Learn what to expect in every stage or take a refresher course. Classes for dads, partners, siblings and others are available, too. See what we have to offer at allinahealth.org/pregnancycare.

Video libraries

Allina Health – Mother Baby care videos



Caring for your crying baby