Pain Management and Integrative Medicine

Pain Management and Integrative Medicine

At The Mother Baby Center, you have choices when it comes to managing pain during labor and deliver.

  • You may choose natural childbirth, relying on breathing and relaxation techniques to support you through labor and delivery. Learn about breathing and relaxation techniques at
  • You may plan for pain medicine, such as an epidural. Learn about medicines for labor pain at
  • You might consider integrative medicine techniques like acupuncture, guided imagery or massage for relaxation and comfort.

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Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine therapies are available to support you throughout labor and delivery. After childbirth, methods like infant massage can foster closeness with your baby.

Pain management videos

These videos, ranging from two to six minutes in length and featuring real patients, help expectant women manage pain before, during and after birth.

Topics covered are:

  • Cesarean birth: preparing for Cesarean birth, anesthesia pain relief, Cesarean surgery, Cesarean recovery in the hospital and Cesarean recovery at home
  • vaginal birth: preparing for birth, anesthesia pain relief, coping with labor, recovery in the hospital and recovery at home

Transcripts accompany each video.

Meet our pain management and integrative medicine care teams.