Childbirth Methods

Childbirth Methods

The Mother Baby Center is a comfortable and soothing place to deliver your baby. Our team will comfort and support you through labor and the birth of your child. We also encourage your husband or partner to participate in this miraculous process.

After you explore the many birth methods available at The Mother Baby Center, we encourage you to state your preferences in a birth plan. This will help us understand your unique needs and preferences.

  • Traditional birth or vaginal childbirth begins with labor to coax the baby through the birth canal. Learn what to expect during a traditional birth at
  • Cesarean birth may be planned or recommended as an emergency procedure if your health care provider determines that the health of you or your baby is at risk. Learn what to expect during a Cesarean birth at
  • Midwife birth involves a certified midwife, a registered nurse with advanced training. Working closely with your doctor and medical team, a midwife can coach you throughout pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth. Learn about midwives at The Mother Baby Center. 
  • Doula birth involves a doula, or birth assistant. A doula is specially trained to guide you through labor with relaxation and breathing exercises, massage, words of encouragement and other comforting measures. A doula can also work with your husband or partner to encourage involvement and to create a warm and positive experience.
  • Water birth is available to women who meet certain criteria and sign consent forms that are provided to health care providers and midwives. During labor, the mother is in a cushiony tub of warm water that can help her relax and manage pain. At birth, the newborn is lifted out of the water. Read one family's experience with water birth at

Highly Recommended: Childbirth preparation class

As you get ready for labor and delivery, we urge you and your partner to attend childbirth preparation classes. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can enhance the progress of labor and reduce your pain and fears.